Funds Availability Policy

ALL checks deposited after 1:00 PM will be credited the next business day.

The first $200.00 from a check deposit will be available the next business day.  The remaining funds will be available on the second (2nd) business day.

ATM deposits made at PDFCU owned ATM terminals will be available on the 2nd business day after the day of deposit.  ATM deposits made at all other ATM terminals will be available on the 5th business day after the day of deposit.

Electronic payments – Pre-authorized payments (Direct Deposit) received in an account by an electronic payment will be available on the same day as funds collected.  Any other electronic payments received in an account will be made available the next business day after the day of deposit.

Checks Having No Holds – Checks that are available for immediate withdrawal provided they are made payable only to you are: Plain Dealer Publishing checks, Ivory Services checks, Delcom checks, Sun Newspaper checks, checks drawn on the Treasury of the United States, checks drawn on a Federal Reserve Bank or Federal Home Loan Bank, checks drawn on the State of Ohio or Local Government within the state of Ohio.

Please remember that even after we have made funds available to you and you have withdrawn the funds, YOU are still responsible for the checks you deposit that are returned to Plain Dealer Federal Credit Union as unpaid due to Non-Sufficient Funds, or as Stop Payment, or Other.  You are responsible for any other problems involving the deposit you made.

Case-By-Case Funds Availability – Depending on the type of check you deposit or if your account has had negative activity within the past six (6) months, we may place an additional hold of up to five (5) additional business days in addition to the two (2) business day hold for a maximum hold of seven (7) business days.

To determine the availability of your deposit, every day is a business day, except Saturdays, Sundays and Federal Holidays.