Savings & Checking

The Plain Dealer Federal Credit Union offers a variety of ways to save. You must maintain a $5.00 minimum balance in your savings account at all times. We offer regular savings, Certificates of Deposit, Christmas Club accounts, regular IRA savings accounts and IRA certificates of deposit. Our checking account is totally FREE (except cost of checks). There is no minimum balance required. We also offer overdraft protection from your savings account.

Savings & Checking

Save a little every week so that you will have the money to buy the perfect gift for that special person in your life. The Plain Dealer Credit Union offers you the opportunity to save money for the holiday season by opening a Christmas club account. We transfer the balance in this account on October 1st of each year to your savings or checking so you can start your shopping.

Certificates Of Deposit

We offer two types of certificates, regular and jumbo, with varying maturities. Our regular certificates require a minimum deposit of $500. Our jumbo certificates offer a higher rate and require a minimum deposit of $10,000.

Youth Certificates Of Deposit

Our youth certificates are for children ages 17 and under. They are available for all terms currently offered and the minimum deposit is only $100.00. This is a great way to teach a child the importance of saving.

Baby Bucks

Congratulations, you have a new child in your family. To help you get started with a savings program for you child, we will deposit the first $5.00 into your child’s new savings account at the Plain Dealer Federal Credit Union.


We offer two different types of savings for your IRA account. We have a regular IRA savings account and we offer two IRA certificates of deposit regular and jumbo.